5 Key Indicators It's Time to Sell Your House

Dated: July 23 2020

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What are the signs that it's time to list your home? Well, the sizzlin' local real estate market is just one of many reasons that selling your property should be on your radar right now.

5 Key Indicators It's Time to Sell Your House

Written by: Steve Farrell, Classic Properties Owner & Broker, July 2020

1. Your Home Doesn't Fit with Your New Lifestyle

Need a home office (or two)? How about a room for a home gym? Need more space for your family to play and relax in? Do you want a pool for extended stay-cations? Today's lifestyle is vastly different from 2019. People are always at home and need to adapt to their new lives.

2. Financially Fit

Determine your equity position. Call your Classic real estate advisor and get an idea of your home's value. Do the math with your mortgage statement. It may surprise you.

3. It is a Sizzling Seller's Market

You've heard the stories: multiple offers, sales above asking price, buyers purchasing homes sight unseen. Guess what? They're all true. Nobody could have imagined a 30-year fixed rate below 3% - until now. Rates haven't been this low since 1972. We are experiencing significant migration from the NYC/PHL/DC metro areas to Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is so prevalent that the industry gurus have given it a name: resuburbanization (think post WWII's flight to the 'burbs – revisited). It is happening. Here. Now. Take advantage of it now because it won't last forever.

4. You're Over-improving for Your Neighborhood

Considering an addition that would make your home the largest on the block? Reconsider. Gutting every room in the house? Let's think about this project a little more.

Do you know that appraisers value most major home improvement jobs at less than ½ the cost? Invest your money wisely.  You could save time, aggravation, and money by finding another home. 

5. You're Emotionally Ready to Sell.

You have Zillow bookmarked, done all your homework, and have discussed it ad nauseum. Ran the numbers, been to Lowe's a dozen times in the last month, and made numerous calls to contractors that never called you back.

Are you finally done with being thisclose to those you live with all day, every day?
Take the first step and call your Classic advisor. In today's world, it's worth checking into.

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Steven Farrell

Steven Farrell is the Owner and Broker of Classic Properties. Under his leadership, Farrell has strategically grown the firm from its original two offices and 17 agents to its current size of four st....

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