Why It’s a Uniquely Excellent Time to Become a REALTOR®

Dated: August 20 2020

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Stressed or feeling unfulfilled at your current job? Tired of being stuck at home? It may be time to consider real estate.  Classic Properties is looking for new agents, and we have the innovative technology you need to excel in the modern worldIf you’ve already completed the real estate course, you’re eligible to join our free new agent training.

Working in real estate provides more flexibility for your lifestyle. Maybe it’s time for a career where you control your own schedule?

Work from Home Capabilities

One of the greatest advantages of becoming a real estate agent right now is that you can accomplish most of your work virtually. You have the flexibility to do your job as you see fit for you and your clients.  Except for socially-distancing showings, real estate can easily be done from home. You can do marketing from home, you can follow-up with clients from home, you can advertise from home, you can even arrange financial transactions virtually. There are many options!

Advanced Real Estate Technology that Innovates the Game

With so much of the real estate process now taking place remotely, it’s important to align yourself with a real estate company that offer innovative solutions to help you succeed in the current market. Look for companies that offer principle technologies such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to easily follow-up and track your leads online or Online Lead Generation to match you with people looking for homes in the area.  We utilize A.I., predictive analytics, and blockchain technology that does the work for you.

Focus on what is important for your success as an agent. Make sure your ask brokerages questions about not only their technology, but also their staff that manages technology. Do you have opportunities for free leads, do you have opportunities for in-depth training? Is there a fee for that training?  What does it entail and what is the OVERALL cost? Do you have opportunities to train yourself on other topics from marketing technology to listing presentations? Are there additional costs associated? Are the agents in the firm productive or are they there just to recruit people? What are the sales records and reputations of the management staff?

Those with skills in technology may  have the upper hand to less tech-savvy realtors. With 44% of buyers starting their real estate search online, and 73% using a mobile device in their search…online is where you need to be. This also presents an opportunity for younger real estate agents looking to get into the game. The market is no longer locked up by a handful of agents. There is a changing of the guard happening right now.

People Need Houses Right Now

When people need houses, they need real estate agents. There’s a surplus of buyers and a deficiency of houses in the current housing market. That means there are plenty of buyers that are in need of realtors right now. While there are many first-time homebuyers in the market for a home, we're also now seeing an influx of out-of-area buyers. We’re seeing a lot of buyers who aren’t already aligned with a realtor here, who do not already have a friend or family member here that works in real estate.

Classic Properties also provides out-of-area referrals for free to its agents from our Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network, the world’s largest collection of top-tiered firms.

We know how to train new agents to be successful. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. Therefore, our new agents are more successful than new agents at any other brokerage firm – bar none.

Don’t wait – call today for a confidential interview.

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Steven Farrell is the Owner and Broker of Classic Properties. Under his leadership, Farrell has strategically grown the firm from its original two offices and 17 agents to its current size of four st....

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