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Q & A with November Featured REALTOR®, Christina Moyer

Dated: November 30 2021

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Meet Christina Moyer
for November 2021!

Question: What's your favorite thing about being a real estate agent?
Answer: My favorite thing about being a Realtor® is truly the people that I am blessed to serve. I am fortunate to have built my business within my community and across the country. Many clients start with a phone call from one of my yard signs or a referral from a past client – by the time we get to the closing table, we’ve become FAMILY! I absolutely love the process with both sellers and buyers. The first time I meet a family that is ready to make a move from their beloved home, I take a tour of their home with them. Listening to them describe what they love about their home and living spaces is such a pleasure! With buyers, the exploration of homes to purchase is so exciting.  Many of my clients have been flexible and willing to give many different homes “a chance” even if the home doesn’t *check all the boxes*.  Truly getting to know each and everyone of the folks I’ve been lucky enough to meet and get them moving on to their new adventure or into their new home is my greatest accomplishment.

Question: What was your most memorable transaction?
Answer: My most memorable transaction – not sure that there can be only ONE!  They are all truly memorable. Each and every client I was lucky enough to serve was a blessing. One truly memorable transaction was when a first time homebuyer found the home they wanted to buy, made the offer, it was accepted, and the seller decided to “leave everything” in the home for the buyer, the way it was.  Everything in the home was “mise en place”. From dishware and glassware and cook ware to laundry detergent, bedding, beds, tools and more on a pegboard in the mudroom - E V E R Y T H I N G was ready to go. It was so heartwarming to see the seller hand the keys over to the buyer with warm hugs and handshakes all around! Being able to be a part of that type of transaction was super rewarding!

Question: What sets you apart from other agents in the area?
Answer: What sets me apart from other agents, is my constant commitment and dedication to my Professional Continued Education.  At every opportunity, I am taking Advanced Real Estate courses, such as The Ninja Installation; a four day/forty hour course with one of the top producing brokerages in Fort Collins Colorado, The Group Real Estate. This installation provided me with the skills and mindset to provide the absolute best service I can to my clients. To be prepared to sell Luxury Homes, I took the three day intensive course offer by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.  Learning from the best in the business, and  in Boston, MA in 2016 launched my Luxury Sales Career. Becoming a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist provided me with the tools and ability to understand the specific Real Estate Needs of our Senior Citizens; providing care and compassion during the sometimes complicated Real Estate transaction. The Certified Master Negotiator series which I successfully completed, was four separate three-day sessions focused on providing positive negotiation tactics to secure a positive outcome for all parties in each and every transaction. Becoming a Certified Home Stager was a big win for my clients as well. Another intensive two-day course providing me with the tools and skills to help prepare my clients’ homes for professional photography and sale; presenting the home to the public in the best possible light is the best way to make a first impression!  I recently completed the compulsory 14 hours of Continued Education and Ethics Training for my bi-annual Pennsylvania Real Estate License renewal. There are big plans ahead for my Professional Continued Education in 2022 and can’t wait to share the exciting news NEXT YEAR!

Visit christinamoyer.classicproperties.com to start buying and selling real estate with our Featured Agent of the Month, Christina Moyer!

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