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  • Pocono Mountain Office

    1124 Rt. 390
    Mountainhome, PA 18342
    p. (570)595-3705
    f. (570)595-3672

  • North Pocono Office

    S&H Plaza, Route 435
    Gouldsboro, PA 18424
    p. (570)842-9988
    f. (570)842-9906

  • Kingston Office

    392 Wyoming Ave.
    Kingston, PA 18704
    p. (570)718-4959
    f. (570)718-4962

  • Tunkhannock Office

    p. (570)836-6700

Corporate & Sales Office

324 South State Street
Clarks Summit, PA 18411
p. (570)587-7000  f. (570)586-8404

Determining Your Home Market Value

If you have questions or would like more information about determining home market value please Contact Us. If you are thinking about buying your next home visit our Buyers Page. If you are planning on selling your home visit our Sellers Page

Once you've decided to sell your home, it is time to determine its asking price. Since the procedure by which it is calculated can be somewhat complex, you will want to seek the guidance from a trained professional – you're REALTOR®.

If you price your home too low, you could cheat yourself out of thousands of dollars. Conversely, if you price your home too high, potential buyers may bypass it in favor of something more reasonably priced. Leaving your home on the market for too long could also give your property an unfavorable reputation.

The objective is to choose a price that is neither too high, nor too low. The asking price should be both accurate, given its market value, and fair. Your REALTOR® is informed on the local NEPA housing market and all of its most recent changes. Take advantage of their real estate knowledge and expertise.

What is Market Value?

Market value is the highest price that a willing buyer and seller, not under any compulsion or outside pressure, agree upon. Determined by outside influences, such as social and political factors, as well as the economy, market value is the price that your home should sell for in the current market. Your home’s fair market value depends on a number of other factors, including; how it was built, its location, the current condition, the size of both the house and the property it sits on, as well as the price of similar homes recently sold in your neighborhood. The selling price you pick will also be determined by the tempo of the market, the public’s confidence in the current economy, and competition within the market. Ultimately, the market will determine the value of your home, making the services of a trained professional who understands all of its complexities all the more worthwhile. Don’t hesitate to ask your REALTOR® any questions you may have – their knowledge could save you thousands of dollars please Contact Us for more information.